Hide-Away Farm

Hide-Away Farm
Winter Gallery

A snow-covered road leading to a farmhouse

Farmstead Road, after a fresh coat of new snow, leading to the farmhouse at Hide-Away Farm.

Photo of an old cattle road covered in fresh snow

Looking northeast down the old cattle run towards the woods. The cattle run runs between the pasture (left and hayfield (right).

Photo of barn and farmhouse in freshly fallen snow

The barn and farmhouse as seen from the northwest lawn. You can see the renovated shed connected to the left side of the house.

Photo of a barn amidst new fallen snow

A vew of the barn from the east. Notice the attached bay on the left added by a prior owner and small white doorway that once entered a chicken coop.

Photo of a snow-covered cattle road.

A view of the cattle run from the end closest to Hide-Away Farm. You can see the pasture to the left and the 12-acre hayfield to the right.

A woodland trail blanketed by new fallen snow

A trail in the woods after a recent snowfall. The woods were just as peaceful and quiet as this photo would indicate.

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