Hide-Away Farm

Hide-Away Farm
Summer Gallery

Image of a shady lane approaching a farmhouse

Farmstead Road leading up to the handsome farmhouse at Hide-Away Farm.

View of a pond with a hide-away farm,hideaway farm in the background

Hide-Away Farm as seen from Hide-Away Pond.

Rosa rigosa or beach rose in bloom

Rosa Rigosa, or Beach Rose, in full bloom by the paddock.

Two horses grazing

Two boarding horses grazing by the chicken coop.

View of a pond with a field in the background

View of the pasture at Hide-Away Farm as seen from Hide-Away Pond.

photo of a dog swimming in a pond

Frodo, our Pitbull-Lab cross, goes for a swim in Hide-Away Pond.

photo of an old New England dairy barn

Looking from the west, we see a fine view of the beautiful, old dairy barn.

hayfield with hide-away farm, hideaway farm in background

A view of Hide-Away Farm from its 12-acre hayfield.

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