Hide-Away Farm

Hide-Away Farm
Autumn Gallery

an old cattle road headed to hide-away farm,hideaway farm

The old cattle run (note: you can see the barn just to the right)

photo of an meadow

Melissa's Meadow (note: we encourage the growth of milkweed as this plant is where the monarch butterfuly lays its eggs. These plants also provide food for the newly hatched caterpillars.)

a trail in the woods at hide-away farm,hideaway farm

One of our many scenic woodland trails

The 2016 pumpkin harvest

The 2016 pumpkin crop

Photo of a field and treeline in autumn

A view of the pasture from the cattle lane.

Photo of a field and pond in autumn

The pasture as seen from Hide-Away Pond.

Photo of a bucket of freshly picked apples

Our own organic apples!

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